A World of Threats To Defend Against

We Define Cyber. Together. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand. The market is creating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and is led by commercial vendors.

At Croowd we think otherwise.

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The Wire Doesn’t Lie

Binairy is plain easy — True or False. Encryption and obfuscation make packets and frames difficult to interpretate.

FBI’s Most Wanted

There are 41 cyber criminals on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. This is getting more and more serious.


Make use of today’s knowledge to prevent tomorrow’s threat. Don’t be too late, because you do not want to be a victim of cyber crime.

Don’t Get Hooked

Identifying phishing en spear phishing can be of great challenge. Security Awareness training and tools should be available for your employees.

Hey! I’m Sven

Cyber Security is what keeps me busy. Together we can make our Digital World a little bit safer.

Advanced Tech

Technical solutions and procedures are here to help us meet our business goals. Cyber should be our enabler, but are we using it right?



With all the fast growing and technical changes Cyber Security and Communications can be difficult to keep track off. We can be the familiar face in the crowd. We do not depend on vendors and do not sell products. Our advisories are practiced based and tailored for your business.


We are enthusiasts who love working on Cyber Security and Communication projects. Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, your objectives are the same. Based on best practices and de facto standards we can help you meet your business goals.

Trusted Advisor

What drives us the most is helping small, medium or large companies and individuals to make the best next step. This drive, our technical knowledge and our passion for Cyber Security and Communications is why customers often see us as trusted advisors.

Respect and Fun

We operate in an industry built on trust. This can only be achieved through communication and mutual understanding. But, there’s no reason why Cyber Security and Communications has to be dry or boring. Let’s have some fun while we are at it!