We got fin tech solutions — check.

We got skilled technical engineers — check.

We got cyber-ensurance and can sleep at night — check!

I’m impressed. No, really! Nothing makes me happier than a company that knows how to secure its data and secrets. You probably have integrated security awareness amongst your co-workers in different forms like training sessions, phishing simulations with a lessons learnt and a communication platform to share knowledge and ask questions (gamification maybe?). If not, you might want to read Getting Started with a Security Awareness Program.

Here at Croowd we like to share knowledge and know-how with mutual interest, because together we can help everyone staying safe(r) in cyber. We have made three security awareness posters available for everyone. For free.

Sharing passwords is for Netflix

Keep your credentials to yourself, because sharing passwords could lead to security risks and identity frauds.

Download the high quality and printable version here.

Checksum: 2BC92EC5C5BD8C35A28B333C408A5585C16267ACC0CD30A316A9C8FC6E0C3719

Cyber Awareness Lock Your Car

You would lock your car

Lock your computer and devices when you leave your desk, because it may contain personal and corporate data.

Download the high quality and printable version here.

Checksum: B9E708321CA63CBC659F309BE7776B4D05A1658E54A4544731D416D4CC5B71ED

Cyber Awarenes Bankrobber

You wouldn’t hold the door for a bankrobber

Strangers and visitors might try to access the office and steal or access computer systems.

Download the high quality and printable version here.

Checksum: A4DBF354E65FA6C441BE7224C4AFB97FED7C54004DB4628F735B3CFB548FA530

Security awareness is key to a successful cyber defense strategy. Hopefully these printables can help in understanding cyber risks in multidisciplinary companies. Keep in mind that not everybody is interested in cyber security, but we are in it together.

Sven Mik

What drives me the most is helping companies and individuals to the next step in their cyber security maturity level. This drive, my technical knowledge and my passion for cyber security is why customers often see me as a trusted advisor.