The OO’s of Croowd

Croowd has two enthusiastic team members. Cyber Security and Communications is what keep us busy. We are here to help you on this inspiring journey in securing our future.


Cyber Security Advisor

We help to better understand and adopt a cyber security strategy by structuring the security lifecycle and plan an ongoing program for improvement.

Risk Mitigation

Managing risk is a process that assesses the exposure to potentially harmful situations. The combination of both assessment and mitigation gives the best of both worlds.

Security Awareness

It is difficult to defend yourself against something that you are oblivious of its existence. The people must be really aware of different types of threats to both physical and information security.

Communications Strategy

How can a communications strategy help you meet your business goals? What tactics are you using and how can we optimize these tactics to get your story out there?​

Search Engine Marketing

Do you need more visibility in Google? We know how you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s teach and help you with both SEO and SEA to achieve a higher ranking.


Effective B2B and B2C tactics start with creating relevant, valuable and high-quality content, then we successfully add it to your communications strategy.​


UTM codes explained

Google Analytics is a web analytics service which tracks and reports website traffic. The web app is very easy to use and manage. However, there are some important website insights which Google Analytics will not provide you with. Source/Medium “How many people visit my website”, is often the…

How many software bugs are too many? In the process of coding software, the unavoidable will happen: the code contains bugs. Luckily not all bugs are problematic. The top 50 vendors have an average of 48 vulnerabilities in each product. Most of the time this will only impact…

When an individual connects their device to the internet, they probably don’t give much thought to the fact that their device is now part of a corporate network – just to access their favorite social media platform. For organizations though, it is important to actively manage all hardware…

Ali Baba overheard a Master Thief using the words Open Sesame! to open the mouth of a cave with a mighty treasure. Isn’t it amazing how a pass phrase could open up a world of treasures. What sounds like a great folk tale — Ali Baba and the…